Hairfall is one of the most complicated health issues affecting people in the current times. One of the main reasons behind this problem is the rate of vehicular pollution that is going on, especially in the urban areas.  One of the main weapons for you in the fight against Hairfall is Richfeel Anagrow. This technique is creating history with its excellent results which is helping one and all. Some of the unique hair treatment techniques of Richfeel are:

◦ Hair Restoration of Permanent Nature

◦ Hair Restoration through Non-surgical methods

◦ Anacover, which is scalp covering of permanent nature

Richfeel is providing some of the best methods of hair treatment. The artificial methods of hair treatment ensure that the people who are suffering from various kinds of hair problems will have less problems once they approach the Richfeelcentre.

Hair Restoration of Permanent Nature

The Permanent Hair Restoration is one of the most advanced techniques of getting one of the best kinds of hair treatment from some of the leading names in the industry. Hair treatment is one of the most complicated types of treatment and it requires specialized care. This organization is an expert in this sector and the technique they are using is Permanent Restoration of Hair.

Hair Restoration through Non-surgical methods

This treatment is for those people who are in the latent stage of loss of hair. One of the major resultant problems is balding. One of the techniques that this organization is using for the Non-surgical hair restoration process is camouflage systems. To know more about the process check out the reviews for hair restoration through Non-surgical methods.

Although different technologically superior techniques are in place to get the lost hair back, the following processes can be used to go the natural way.

Some of the major natural hair treatment processes are:

  1. Treatment using Egg
  2. Treatment using Bottle Gourd
  3. Treatment using Lemon Juice

Eggs are very useful for helping in hair growth. Eggs can be used for the purpose of hair treatment in multiple ways. One of the ways in which eggs can be used for hair treatment is by including eggs in your diet. Eggs are one of the most beneficial food substances which will help your hair in multiple ways. Eggs can also be used in one other way which is also very much beneficial for the protection and improvement of hair. It is known as hair pack.

One of the other food items which is very much beneficial for the health of hair is Bottle Gourd. Bottle Gourd is one of the most common vegetables which is available in the market and it is easily available in all seasons. Some of the major advantages of using Bottle Gourd for hair treatment are the prevention of gray hair and also the prevention of hair fall.

Lemon is one of the most able fighters in the fight against hairfall and any other kind of hair problems. Lemon juice has been used for a pretty long time in protecting hair from various diseases and keeping it in the right shape.

The 13 stages of Hairfall are as follows:

  • The appearance of a hairline which is adolescent in nature.
  • No loss of hair at the head crown.
  • The progression to a hairline which is adult in nature.
  • Very mild hair loss at this stage.
  • Hair loss which is mainly found in the frontal hairline.
  • Appearance of “Baldness” like symptoms.
  • Evident Hair Loss at the crown area
  • Hair loss of severe nature
  • Small separation between different hair loss zones
  • Total loss of hair bridge
  • Horseshoe shape hair formation
  • Further extension of the side hair loss
  • Remaining of thin hair on the head

   For any hair health issues, you can take the help of Richfeel at any time and any place.


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