Unless you decided to have some Pedi on a lazy Sunday afternoon or got your feet wounded, you probably rarely think about your feet.  Most, if not all, do not usually realize how vital the feet are ’til it was hurt, develop dysfunction or experience pain that leads to walking difficulties. Some common foot problems can indeed be treated without the help of professionals but there are instances when it is advisable to seek for a professional’s help.

If you got any foot related problems or concern, Sydney podiatrists like ModPod Podiatry are surgically and medically qualified to take care of your feet, diagnose infections, and treat any foot conditions as well as complications related to serious illnesses such as diabetes.

When to visit ModPod Podiatrist?

Below are signs which indicate that you already need to visit a Podiatrist.

  1. You have a sore or wound on the foot that doesn’t heal. If you have had a sore or wound on your ankle or foot for a long time, consider visiting ModPod Podiatrist immediately. This is particularly important if you are suffering from diabetes. Also, having your open sore or wound treated by professionals decreases your chance of getting bone or skin infection.
  2. You are experiencing tingling, numbness and burning sensation. These can be symptoms of neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that lowers sensation in the feet. If you are experiencing such sensation, better set an appointment with ModPod Podiatrist. Neuropathy can also lead to the development of foot ulcers.
  3. One foot is flatter compared to the other. This may be a sign of rupture or tendon dysfunction. The latter can cause joint damage or arthritis. To avoid joint problems, seek tendon dysfunction treatment as soon as possible.
  4. Got a bump or lump that hurts or grow. Take this one seriously because this might be an indication of having a cyst or worse, a Yes, foot can also have tumor. It may be rare but it occurs.
  5. Foot discolorations. If the color of one of your foot is different from the other, then you should think about consulting it to a podiatrist. A purple or blue color can be a sign of vein problem while redness may indicate a gout or infection. Paleness or whiteness, on the other hand, may be an indication of lower blood flow.
  6. Swelling in your feet and pain that worsen with activity. The swelling in your foot, which might also be accompanied with pain, may be an indication of many problems such as tendonitis and broken bone. The pain that worsen with activity, on the other hand, may be a sign of having a stress fracture.
  7. Severe pain that persists for more than a day

Immediately contact a Podiatrist particularly if the pain is experienced after undergoing a surgery. Do not treat yourself without the aid of professional especially if you do not know what the cause of the pain is.

Do not delay seeing a foot specialist if you are experiencing foot problems. Visit your foot doctor at ModPod Podiatry before it is too late.


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