Marriage life is not always having happy moments. There are times of struggles and challenges that will test the relationship. A couple can look for professional relationship counsellor for help and guide them along the way in understanding and solving their life issues. But they must know when to seek the help of a counsellor. Below are signs that a couple must consider.

  1. There Is No Verbal Communication

If there’s no more verbal communication between you and your partner, it’s a good sign to get help from the best Relationship Counselling services around Castle Hill before everything is too late. It is a key to restore understanding and spark in your relationship. Counselling bridges the gap that separates the couple and a space that will cause more problems along the way.

  1. There Is Communication But It Is Negative

Communication is important but if it is negative, it will just hurt your partner which is not healthy for a relationship. What someone said and the tone of how he/she said it are two different factors that both have meanings and impact to its receiver. Communication must be a way towards understanding and not for causing more troubles.

  1. Both Of You Are Afraid To Communicate

Being open is one of the secrets for a lasting relationship. Saying what someone think and feel is a signage of being comfortable and trusting a partner. If one hesitates and is afraid to talk about a certain topic which the couple used to talk from the past, it is an indication that there is something to clarify.

  1. The Commitment Is More Of Punishment Than Love


A healthy relationship is full of love and care where one will understand well his/her partner in any circumstances. But if someone feels being hurt and punished more than being loved, the relationship is not good enough and the couple’s mind must be cleared from any confusions to bring back a healthy lifestyle.

  1. You View Your Partner As Your Enemy

Lovers are confidants who will defend each other and save from any troubles. They should not treat each other as enemies. In every situation, they need to be on each other’s side to show support, love and care. If one feels being contradicted, alone and opposed by the other, something should be talked about.

  1. There Are Secrets Kept

In a relationship, there should be no secrets. Keeping secret is not a privacy but a sign for lack of trust to a partner. It is not right to hide anything if you are committed. One should be open and is willing to share. It will save someone from any controversies and hearsay.

  1. The Sex Life Has Changed

Sex is vital in a relationship. However, it must be monitored. If it tapers off sometimes since the couple is always together, there should worries. But if a partner decreases an interest on it for a long period of time, you need to know the reason why. Having an affair may be a reason.

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