Having overly developed breasts is often a core problem of some other very undesirable health conditions such as shoulder and neck pain, sleeping issues, skin conditions and most commonly back pain. If you are from Australia and you are suffering from this condition, it is recommended that you give Dr. Naveen Somia a visit.


Undergoing a breast reduction surgery is definitely going to improve your health if you happen to suffer from oversized breasts

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction?

You may think that the breast reduction surgery can apply to anyone, however, it is not suggested to undergo this procedure unless you can recognize yourself in the following symptoms that we are going to address further in this article.

  1. Breasts too large in proportion to someone’s body size is one of the main signs that you should undergo a breast reduction

2.If you are experiencing pain in your neck, back, and shoulders, you should consider getting a breast reduction surgery if you happen to believe that the breasts are the main cause of that pain

3.Breasts that are too heavy and that drop significantly or if they are not equal in size should also undergo the procedure that will reduce their size

4.If you are having trouble sleeping due to your large breasts, you should undergo a breast reduction surgery

Besides the physical issues that are caused by oversized breasts, there are also some other issues that can be a bit more personal, such as causing damage on an emotional level. Sometimes having big breasts will lower your morale because you are unable to display a physical performance that you could have done in the past when you did not suffer from this condition.

You may also undergo emotional trauma due to your large breasts because you are simply not satisfied with your looks. A lot of people think that this is not a real reason, but it is, in fact, a serious issue that a lot of women suffer from. Over 100,000 women actually undergo breast reduction surgery because they are making them feel uncomfortable, lowering their self-confidence

What will a breast reduction surgery accomplish?

Well, the procedure is quite simple and it is perfect to its full potential as it has been done for a very long time already. Of course, there are a couple of risks like with every surgery, but you can reduce those risks to zero if you follow the preparation instructions that your surgeons informs you about before the procedure takes to act.

After the procedure, you will definitely notice that the size of your breasts has been significantly reduced, that they have been lifted and that they are firmer as well. You will no longer have to struggle with bras that will groove into your shoulders due to your heavy breasts. Most importantly, you will be able to fit in all of those clothes and swimsuits that your oversized breasts were preventing you from fitting into before.


It will feel great once you things are not completely tight while you are wearing a bra

Final word

Breast reduction surgery can improve your life significantly, especially if you are experiencing constant pain due to your oversized breasts. If you would like to undergo this procedure in Australia then breast reduction Sydney is probably the best place to look for highly capable surgeons that will help you with your problems.

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