With regards to health insurance and hygiene, everyone knows the fundamentals – wash both hands regularly, shower / bathe daily, cover your mouth and nose whenever you sneeze. Now you ask, the number of people really sticks to these rules? Here are a few interesting details about health insurance and hygiene that are certain to shock you.

Based on research conducted recently, roughly only 40% of men wash their hands when they make use of the bathroom.

Based on that very same study, roughly only 60% of ladies wash their hands when they make use of the bathroom.

The reason behind requiring cleansing both hands after while using a bathroom is fairly apparent, but are you aware that quantity of bacteria to deal with really doubles after visiting the toilet?


There are other bacteria in your television remote, key pad, and kitchen cutting board than you will find on the public toilet seat. Actually, your kitchen area cutting board will probably house 200% more faecal bacteria compared to a toilet seat.

When hand washing, you should pay special focus on your disposal and underneath your nails, because this is where a lot of the bacteria are available. Regrettably, many people focus more about cleansing the palms and backs from the hands.

80% of contagious illnesses are moved by touch. Including both person-to-person contact and touching a contaminated surface after which touching onto your nose, eyes or mouth.

To be able to completely get rid of any bacteria and bacteria, the suggested hand washing time is no less than just a few seconds. However, the perfect period of time for optimal protection is thirty seconds.

Many people who drop food on the ground have confidence in the infamous ‘five seconds rule’. Regrettably, that ‘rule’ is really a complete myth. It requires the bacteria under a couple of milliseconds to transfer in the floor on your snack.

Drying out effectively after hand washing is equally as essential as the cleansing process itself. It’s because you are 1000 occasions more prone to spread bacteria through touch whenever your disposal are moist than when they’re dry.

It’s apparent that regular hand washing is easily the most imperative health insurance and hygiene rule of all of them, safeguarding you against disease along with other nasty germ-caused effects. Remember to utilize a quality antibacterial cleaning soap that does not only kills bacteria¬†but, takes care of the skin too – and make certain to embrace the strength of hand washing after while using a toilet, in addition to before handling or planning food.

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