Though it is tough, yet to remain calm in the times of emergencies is the best thing everyone needs to remember. For pet owners, it is better to stay in touch with a regular vet in order to know the correct path of treatment, during emergencies. The moment you decide to call your vet, it is best to keep pen and paper handy. You never know what the vet will say, be it the medicines or the tips to care.

If the situation is totally out of control, there is also provision of emergency veterinary services in many clinics/ hospitals specializing in animal treatments. The reference of emergencies is given here because not all emergencies are subtle. For instance:-



3-Diarrhea that is hemorrhagic

There might be instances that the symptoms may not show much but the problem could be acute. That is why it is best to take care of the things very diligently.



In case your dog is hurt badly then better clean it with water and cover the area with clean dressing. You may use clean cling film or towel.  If the bleeding does not stop, use bandages to put pressure on the wound.

While you handle your dog, better be cautious as the pet may bite due to pain. Try not to touch the bandage because you desire to see whether the bleeding has stopped or not, as it may increase the problem and not solve it. After giving it first aid schedule a visit with your vet, immediately.

Traumatic injuries

If your dog gets hit by a car then better get the wounds checked from a proper doctor. Internal bleeding may occur and might not show at all, beware. If you feel that the leg is broken or it has head injuries, better wrap the dog in a towel / blanket. Rush to the hospital and seek first aid.


If a dog gets a fit, it may fall on one side. May become unconsciousness and start to shake legs. Register the points mentioned below to avoid few things:-

  • DO not get close to dog, you may get bitten
  • Do not try to put anything into the mouth of the dog
  • Keep the room quiet and dark and see whether this betters your dog
  • Try not to hold the dog
  • Call your vet

There are many more such circumstances that will make you totally confused in terms of what to do. Better contact a vet and seek help.

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Tony Clowes is a passionate blogger, and his articles are mostly related to pets. For any emergency veterinary services you could rush to Harmony animal hospital in Apex. You could also visit their website to contact them.

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