Regular work out proves to be very beneficial to the health of a person. There are multiple benefits on mental, physical and emotional levels. Your energy level and mood uplifts and weight get controlled. People suffering from deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders would experience relief from regular exercises.

In this article, we will tell you some useful exercises that when done daily would give you remarkable benefits.

Types of exercises


One should perform thirty minutes of cardio exercises five days a week. Running, jogging, skipping, cycling, brisk walking, etc. comes under cardio exercises. Depending on the intensity your heart pumps quickly and promotes better health of your heart. The more you sweat, better it will be for your skin and health. Regular cardio exercise would keep your blood pressure and weight under control.

Strength Training

Only cardio exercises can lead to muscle loss in the body. The effectiveness of the workout is increased by performing cardio exercise along with strength training. Strength training is ideal for those who want to reduce weight while maintaining the muscle density.

Performing strength training at least twice a week would help in making your muscles strong, toned body and improved metabolic rate so that you burn calories continuously even after completion of your workout. There are several types of strength training exercises that provide efficient workout of your upper and lower body. There are several companies that offer anabolic steroids supply that will help to build your muscles.

Exercises for Girls

Push-Up in Walk-Out style

By doing pushups, girls can get strong and toned triceps muscles. It increases the strength of your upper body. The best part of this exercise is that you do not need any instrument in doing it.

Standard Squat

Squats are the best exercise for your legs. By doing this movement your entire legs including thighs, calf, hamstrings, glutes, etc. get strengthened. Doing ten repetitions daily for a month would help in reducing the fat and increasing the muscle mass of the legs.


Plank is the best exercise that engages your core and makes it strong. It is also helpful in weight reduction. Plank is the best exercise you should do after your cardio workout. It will tighten your stomach muscles and make your abdominal muscles sleek.

Exercises for Men

Wall Slides

It is a fantastic warm up exercise before you actually do your weight training regime. To do wall slides, you need to assume that there is a string attached to your chest from the ceiling. Now you need to imagine that as the string is getting tightened, you have to pull your chest near to the ceiling. It is a good workout for your shoulders and upper back region.

Hip Raises

This exercise helps in exercising the muscles of the fronts of your hips. It helps in contracting the glutes and butt muscles making them tight and strong.

Using no equipment these exercises provides good movement to your body. So should be included in your every day’s workout regime.

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