Yoga may be the science of existence. It’s not just the science of positions nor just the science of breathing or even the science of the mind. It’s that science of existence, the entire existence in the totality, therefore, the best moment introducing yoga happens when the existence starts so the person is born complete,

In the end, when we ask the player where stage should link with emotions. Seek perfection inside a plant to obtain a superior quality of crop; they will explain that perfection needs to be searched for from initial stage at that time they decide to obtain a good crop. In the stage of germination of seed to ripping of fruit, every single step ought to be taken very correctly as well as in a planned manner.


This is applicable in human creatures too. All of us (individual, creature’s plants) are Gods creation. Only humans have intelligence and skill to understand, feel and express the emotions.

Therefore, when you want to introduce Yoga as Therapy, we ought to consider it as soon as two people decide to get pregnant. Fortunately, in Indian society our moms, grandmothers taking full responsibility of safeguarding our cultural heritage. A could be mother needs to carry forward a lot of ancient cultural moral values to her next-gen. Yoga could be among them rather the other, Yoga ought to be must of these,

Due to Yoga, merely a could be a mother can also enjoy being a pregnant period with very calm and peaceful manner. She will provide a better and healthy existence to her baby.

Within the epic-“Mahabharata” Abhimanyu (boy of Arjuna and Subhadra) was a good example of this kind of education system.

In Ujjain Yoga Existence Society all of us are attempting to maintain this cultural heritage perfectly by providing Yoga sessions to could be moms within their pregnancy period. Here they get the complete understanding of Yogic lifestyle i.e. things to put on, things to eat, what ought to be their behavior, the way they breathe, contributing to their physical conditions also.

Whenever a child become 4-five years old within our Kids Yoga camp He/she will learn to sit correctly, how you can breathe correctly, how you can react properly in a nutshell how you can live harmoniously within this beautiful world. In very young age he/she will adopt Yoga as lifestyle less a couple of hour session. To ensure that we are able to inculcate our wealthy value system inside them at very initial stage.

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