Yoga, the creation from the ancient Hindus is a kind of mysticism, whose origin doesn’t seem possible to follow, dating back to because it gives 1000’s of years before recorded history.  Among the six schools of Hindu philosophy, Maharishi (or Sage) Patanjali, its founding father resided a complete three centuries before Christ.

An excellent philosopher and grammarian, he seemed to be a health care provider, having a considerable body of medical work related to him, though the work is lost within the pages of your time.  Though founded by Patanjali, yet Yoga been around like a distinct teaching and system of existence lengthy before him.


A conventional Indian system of healing the body and mind, through a number of mental, spiritual and exercise routines, Yoga is made to yoke or unite or fuse individual awareness and awareness (atma or even the human soul) with super conscious awareness (Paramatma or even the Supreme Being), that is, however a natural frame of mind for.  Ultimately, this yoking process results in a realisation of identity, by integrating mind, body and spirit it enhances mental and physical health insurance and well-being, even while it will help achieve spiritual insight and harmony, a union using the divine.

A mix of spiritual and exercise routines that encourage mental, spiritual and health and fitness, these exercises can also be known to work against anxiety, joint disease, headache, migraine, ms, brittle bones, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and much more.  Yoga’s special exercises, breathing and meditation techniques are famous for cleansing your body of poisons, enhancing muscle tone, in addition to, bloodstream circulation. A means of existence, the goal of Patanjali Yoga would be to set man free of the cage of matter.

Mind to be the greatest type of matter, your brain, body, soul union that’s the objective of everybody practicing Yoga, frees them in the dragnet of Chital or Ahankara (mind or ego), creating a pure being.  Practicing Yoga does might more!

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